Transforming the way we think, work and deliver


Smart phones and digital technology has brought significant change to the way customers communicate and access services.

Customers have more power and connectivity in their hands and are rightly demanding more efficient and effective ways of interacting with all levels of government.

Yarra Ranges Council is excited by these opportunities and is committed to ensuring that our service delivery is making the most of digital advancements.

Digital transformation will make it easier and more convenient for customers to connect and do business with Council. It will also improve efficiency.

The strategy sets a vision to deliver innovative customer solutions, through the adoption of digital opportunities.

The goals and flagship initiatives outlined in the strategy will ensure we provide contemporary, accessible services to our customers and the community.


Council uses digital thinking to deliver innovative customer solutions.

This puts the customer at the heart of Council’s decision making, service design and delivery.

Council will leverage digital technologies and new ways of working to deliver services and make it easier to connect and do business with Council.


  • Our customers find it easy to do business with us

  • Our digital services transform through new thinking and evidence-based choices

  • Our people are empowered by digital technology to connect, collaborate and innovate

  • Our data is high quality, secure and informs the decisions we make

  • Our systems are integrated and provide a single source of truth


Scheduled start – 2019 – 2020
Status – In progress

Research and implement digital solutions that make it easy for customers to complete transactions and engage with council.

Scheduled Start – 2018 – 2022
Status – Ongoing

Develop a User Experience Framework that will provide meaningful and relevant experience to customers using a product such as a website or an application.

Status – Ongoing

Implement Smart City initiatives to be more efficient, solve challenges and provide new opportunities for public private partnerships.

Status – Ongoing

Implement a program to equip our employees with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a modern workplace and deliver services in a contemporary way to our customers.

Status – Ongoing

Action plan to ensure Council’s digital channels are accessible to everyone and comply with WCAG AA guidelines.

Status – Ongoing

Transforming (digitising) our processes to improve the customer experience.

Status – Not yet started


Improve the quality of data captured and used by Council and ensure we are making data based decisions about delivering efficient, effective services to the community.

Scheduled Start – 2018 – 2019
Status – Completed

Redevelop our website to ensure it is customer centric, user friendly and accessible, allowing our customers to easily find information and access Council services.

Scheduled Start – 2018 – 2019
Status – Completed

Introduction of digital system to enable sms updates to customers.
Scheduled start
– 2019
Status –  Implemented

Implementation of electronic signatures to enable the efficient processing of documents.
Scheduled start
– 2019
Status – Implemented

Implementation of online appointment bookings for immunisation and youth event bookings.

Scheduled start – 2019
Status – Implemented


Support the organisation’s transition to activity based working by implementing digital solutions that allow employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Scheduled Start – 2019
Status – Not yet started

Implement a Customer Relationship Management System, with a single view of customer, to better respond to and meet customer expectations.

Scheduled Delivery – TBC following Enterprise System Project
Status – Not yet started

Implement a master data management system to provide a golden record of customer.

Scheduled Start – TBC following Enterprise Systems Project
Status – Not yet started

Exploring how Artificial Intelligence can add value in our service delivery.   Save

Scheduled start – 2019/2020
Status – Not yet started

Create a 3D model of Yarra Ranges to help customers visualise development activity within the region.

Scheduled Start – 2019/2020
Status – Not yet started

Using digital technology to improve the planning process.

Scheduled Start – 2019/2020
Status – Not yet started

Exploring how Virtual Reality can add value in our service delivery.

Scheduled start – 2019 – 2020
Status – Not yet started


We will regularly review the progress and outcomes of this strategy to assess how we are tracking.

It is a living document and it will be adjusted as needed to ensure it remains contemporary and achieves our vision.


Contact the Digital and Data Team on 1300 368 333 or email digital@yarraranges.vic.gov.au